Gabriele Zanatta


Born in Milan in a family from the region of the Adriatic sea, he has always been a passionate gourmet. After graduating in philosophy, he starts working as a journalist, writing about culture, politics and food. In 2004 he joins the newly born team of “Identità Golose”, the international congress of high-level cuisine founded by Paolo Marchi. He is now editor in chief of the website, of the Guide to the Top Restaurants in Italy, in Europe and in the World, and of the congress itself, which in 2016 celebrated it twelfth edition (including spin-off events also in London, New York and Chicago). He is a contributor for several Italian and international publications, writing about the cooking topics in all its forms, global and local ones. He teaches Contemporary Gastronomical Trends for the Master classes organized by Gambero Rosso and by different universities. In 2013 he published the book “Street food d’autore”.

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After centuries of exile among the least useful and noble branches of knowledge, food should be valued for what it really is: a very serious topic.
Gabriele Zanatta

Gabriele Zanatta’s articles

I strongly think that food should be evaluated for what it really is: a very serious topic.

  • To each tribe, its own ingredients

    Allekirjoittanut: Gabriele Zanatta

    Between hyper-healthy trends (and deviations), how do we operate the restaurant of the future?

  • Ten pioneers of designer cuisine

    Allekirjoittanut: Gabriele Zanatta

    The innovation virus propagates at the speed of light. And even sweeps away chefs in countries bereft of gastronomic traditions

  • Tomorrow’s trattoria

    Allekirjoittanut: Gabriele Zanatta

    A new generation reinterprets the roots of Italian cuisine

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